Celebrity Marriages, Why!!!!

Celebrities marry other celebrities. Shortly after, they split!! It seems to me they marry only to have sex. Once they have had enough sex from each other, they spit peacefully. Especially in Hollywood where actors & actresses  are acting the part. Relationships could be no different from a movie script. I must say,  some play the part better than others.  Celebrities dates the ordinary joe/jane before they become famous but drops them at the point of fame. Shortly after the dumping of joe/jane you hear of them marrying another celebrity. Damn!!!!! They just started dating two weeks ago. Now they are getting married! Wow! The two must need sex but don’t want to share the famous organ with the ordinary joe/jane. There are countless attractive joes/janes out there in this huge world to choose from for that glorious orgasm. So why not date or marry among the ranks you come from. Is it that, the once ordinary joes/janes crave sex from celebrities or not wanting to share the wealth with ordinary people causes this type of behavior?  Let us hear from you. Ask others their opinion. Share this Article with a celebrity.



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